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Welcome to Sophisticated Scratch handmade Natural Cat furniture

Sophisticated Scratch is a small business based in Devon creating handmade, luxury bespoke artistic cat furniture with natural products like you have never seen before. 

Each one handcrafted mainly from British Oak and Apple wood with the idea in mind that cat furniture can be beautiful art for the owners to admire while serving as a functional purpose for your cat to scratch, climb and sleep on.



Sophisticated Scratch trees are extremely durable making them the most robust cat furniture on the market today. Sophisticated Scratch trees do not tire easily and keep there appeal and luxury looks for years. Pamper your fur-baby with their very own Sophisticated Scratch tree and treat yourself to a piece of bespoke art for your home.There are no two trees the same, everyone is a unique.


As an artisan of handmade bespoke cat furniture I do not mass produce. To view current pieces click here 

This truly is bespoke art from the west country !




Quick Overview Of Sophisticated Scratch

Change the look of your tree

Sophisticated Scratch offer a range of different toppers for our trees so you will never get bored with the look.

All our sheepskin toppers and beds are fully washable.

Mama vs Papa Scratch

Papa Scratch

Grandma & Grandpa Scratch

Slices of resin colour in bases