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English Oak Bespoke Cat Trees and Scratchers est 2017

Welcome to Sophisticated Scratch Handmade Natural Cat Trees and Scratchers



Sophisticated Scratch is a small bespoke business based in rural Devon.

Established in 2017 by Di Gallant a cat loving artisan that creates natural handcrafted cat trees and scratchers with English oak and applewood

Sophisticated Scratch cat trees and scratchers are handmade from seasoned English Oak that has fallen and apple trees that have finished producing fruit. These trees ordinarily would be firewood but I have given them a second life, they have gone through a loving process with natural oils enhancing their beauty just as nature intended.

These beautiful sculptures will enhance your home for all to admire while serving as a functional purpose for your cat to scratch, climb and sleep on. If you are concerned those little minxes will damage your master piece dont worry they wont its kitty proof and best of all you only need to buy once for kitty as Sophisticated Scratch trees will last their whole lifetime.




As an artisan of handmade cat trees and scratchers I do not mass produce and periodically I have a wait list.

 This truly is bespoke art from the west country !

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Cat Scratcher Range

It's normal for cats to scratch objects in their environment for many reasons: To remove the dead outer layer of their claws. To mark their territory by leaving both a visual mark and a scent – they have scent glands on their paws.

Cats also scratch to keep their claws sharp, exercise and stretch their muscles. If you fail to provide an acceptable area to scratch then your carpets, furniture and wallpaper may get damaged.

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Sophisticated Scratch cat trees and scratchers are extremely durable making them the most robust hard wearing product on the market today. More than just a scratcher these handmade bespoke designs have been created as art decor to enhance your homes and replace the less pleasant high street designs that dominate the market place.

Sophisticated Scratch trees and scratchers do not tire easily and keep there appeal and luxury looks for years and years just like any other quality oak product. Our scratchers starting heights are considerbly larger than store brought ones and come with a two year guarantee.

Only one scratcher created of every design you see making them totally bespoke and unique to you.

You only need to buy your scratcher or tree ONCE ! no more repetitive replacment cost and annual trips to the pet shop. Periodic re-sisal will be necessary as kitty sharpens those talons on a daily basis but dont worry you can do yourself or send it back to me and I will do it for you. We use 10-12mm quality Agave sisalana (sisal) thickness which is 4-6mm larger than most other scratcher brands.

Pamper your fur-baby with their very own Sophisticated Scratch tree and and treat yourself to a piece of bespoke art for your home.


Mama vs Papa

Monster Scratch

Mama Scratch

Sophisticated Scratchers

Mama Scratch

Our adult entry scratcher measuring from 60cm tall made from solid English Oak or Applewood.
Mama Scratch suits smaller breeds like Devon Rex and Abyssinian and great smaller spaces.

Papa Scratch

Suitable for all breeds such measuring from 80cm tall made from solid English Oak or Applewood. Papa 's have a larger circumfrence than Mama's and are taller.

Fat Scratch

A large circumference cat scratcher around 60cm made from solid English oak ideal for all breeds but especially for kitties that have a tendancy to wear out scratchers fast, homes with more that one cat and cats with mobility issues.

Monster Scratch

These scratchers are the largest in my range standing from 100cm tall. Monster scratch will suit large breed kitties that have typically destroyed other brands of scratchers quickly or repetitively pulled them over.
Monster Scratch are made from solid English Oak and will suit homes that would like a statement piece of Art Deco to stand out.
Suited breeds Savannah's, Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest


Cats prefer to sleep and hang out in places with good vantage points. It comes from their instinct to protect their themselves, and a high position for sleeping or resting gives them an aerial advantage for spotting any potential dangers around them.

Sophisticated Scratch Lazing Trees

A Sophisticated Scratch cat tree is the ultimate statement piece of art decor for your home and totally bespoke. Just like the scratchers you only buy ONCE !

Handmade from solid English oak to last a lifetime these trees start with one bed area and can have up to six depending on the limbs the tree has provided in its lifetime. There are no bolted on limbs on Sophisticated Scratch trees they are all free flowing pieces of art just as nature intended it to be. Heights start from 1ft and up to 7ft and are free standing, there are no complicated assembly instructions involved.

Sophisticated Scratch offer a range of different sheepskin toppers and bed designs for our trees so you will never get bored with the look (see side show below). 

All our sheepskin toppers and beds are removable and fully washable.

Look 1

Look 2

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

Please buy me a scratcher or the curtains are next 😽

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