Sophisticated Scratch Natural Cat Scratchers from Somerset

Sophisticated Scratch is a small business based in Somerset creating hand made bespoke artistic cat furniture.

These are unique luxury scratch post and lazing trees for cats like you have never seen before. 

Each one handcrafted mainly from British Oak and Apple wood with the idea in mind that cat furniture can be beautiful art for the owners to admire while serving as a functional purpose for your cat to scratch, climb and sleep on.





Our scratch trees are extremely durable the most robust cat scratcher on the market today.

Sophisticated Scratch trees are for interior or exterior use but there life will be significantly less if left to the elements. We advise that you keep them in a covered area.

Pamper your fur-baby with their very own Sophisticate Scratch tree and treat yourself to a piece of bespoke art for your home.

Sophisticated Scratch trees are elegant pieces of art individually handcrafted. 

There are no two trees the same, everyone is a unique.


This truly is bespoke art from the west country !




Quick Overview Of Sophisticated Scratch

My next piece

Available to buy very soon

Sanding sanding and more sanding

This part is very detailed and adsorbs a lot of hours. Every inch is smoothed to perfection

Just finished

Genuine Sheepskin

Washable Sheepkin

Robust Scratch Post

Totally Unique

Totally Bespoke

Mama Scratch

Bespoke Scratchers

Totally unique


Everyone different

Hard wearing

Storm & Maise Lincolnshire

The first day with their new tree

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