Sophisticated Scratch

English Oak Bespoke Cat Trees and Scratchers est 2017

Clarence from Surrey

Arthur From Tiverton Devon

Lola & Ralph from Knebworth

Floyd, Lola and Tia From Cambridgeshire

Tiger Jane from Hertfordshire

Cookie from Stafford

Buddy from Leicester

Remus from The Isle of Man

Henry from Leeds

Mr Twinkles from Leeds

Puck & Rosalind from Cambridgeshire

Alfie and Freddie from Somerset

Kira From Rome Italy

Paperina and Biagio from Rome Italy

Julius Caesar from East Sussex

Cookie from Stafford

Frosty from Stafford

Hugo from Wokingham

Jazzy From Ohio USA

Sophisticated Scratch Kitty’s

When you buy a scratching oak tree we would love you to send a photo of your kitty enjoying it. We are positive it will be the best cat scratching post you have ever brought.

Jasper from Buckinghamshire

Floyd from Knebworth

LilyRose Ohio 🇺🇸

Tyrion from Wiltshire

Angel & Ollie from Essex

Salam from Cheddar Somerset

Maisie From Lincolnshire

Cocco from Wadebridge Cornwall

Woody from London

Rosie from Plymouth Devon

Star from Plymouth Devon

Alfie from Cannock Staffordshire

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