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English Oak Bespoke Cat Trees and Scratchers est 2017

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2620 Danube

Price: 1295.00 GBP
2620 Danube Standing just under 6ft Danube is a stunning showcase piece that will accommodate 3- 5 cats depending on breed and size. Beautiful swirls and knots throughout this towering piece of handmade solid English oak with a graceful elegant look sure to impress on any home decor. Sisal can be added free of charge to this piece should the client so wish. Danube sits slightly elevated on adjustable legs to suit all floor coverings but best suited to hardwood type flooring due to height and gaining maximum stability. Sheepskin colour choices available are Icelandic black grey, Rare breed light, Rare breed dark these are all natural shades. Sheepskins are all 100% washable.

2520 Tian Shan

Price: 495.00 GBP
A beautiful solid English oak one platform cat tree suitable for up to 2 cats. This piece is top of my range as far as single platform trees go with a gorgeous oblong shaped knot on the base, medium oak and caramel tones and a nautural aged crack in the stalk. I have put a little step helper in the shape of a mushroom as an aid to help less agile kitties get to the top tier normal mobilty cats will not need this. The little mushroom step also has a beautiful knot at the front. The bed area is large at 47x47cm so plenty of room for two kitties. •12mm sisal thickness •Oak Legs •Step helper •Oblong knot on base •Room for two cats •Chunky solid English oak

2022 Alborz

Price: 324.99 GBP
2022 Alborz This is a lovely solid English oak cat tree that sleeps 1-2 kitties. The stalk has two beautiful knots with a good size wicker basket on top with a mattress underlay available in a choice of natural sheepskin colours Light Chocolate, Rare Breed Light, Rare Breed Dark, all Sophisticated Scratch sheepskins and mattresses are 100% washable. This piece is medium to light oak in colour with light caramel tones and dark chocolate grains and knots. The stalk has a large scratching area for kitties making this a very conveinient for sleeping and exercise all in one location without the need to buy an additional scratch post. The base has a stunning blue glass resin river running through it making this a very bespoke unique art deco piece. This is a one of piece with a unique reference number, and the only one in existence.

2003 English Oak Whisky Table

Price: 145.00 GBP
2003 English Oak Whisky/Wine Table A beautiful beverage table ideal to pull close to a chair for convenience for drinks, remote controls etc. Lots of grains and detail in the dark oak, with a gorgeous knot at the front of stalk and on the base. A beautiful bespoke piece that would make a excellent memorable gift. Finished with oils to a lovely rich shine. Ideal present for someone lucky person.

Blue River End Table

Price: 210.00 GBP
2001 Blue River Resin end table handmade from solid English Oak sitting on three hairpin black steel legs. Extremely sturdy piece and looks amazing with various natural markings finished with natural beeswax. Larger than average surface for a end table so very versatile. A beautiful bespoke statement piece.

2021 Appenine DEPOSIT TAKEN

Price: 1550.00 GBP
2021 Appenine A beautiful four platform cat tree made from solid English oak, Standing nearly 7 feet tall so please make sure that you have plenty of head room clearance for the kitty as he feels on top of the world. Gorgeous caramel tones on the lighter side, available in multiple colours of sheepskin or doughnut beds if you prefer. All beds are 100% washable. Taken from a fall in Oak approximately 100 years old

1820 Puy De Sauncy

Price: 640.00 GBP
1820 Puy De Sauncy A gorgeous English oak and teak piece that will accomodate up to 4 kitties. The colours swirls and knots in Puy De Sauncy are incredible to look at and comes with sheepskin bed choices or puff balls inclusive, sheepskins are natural colours of rare breed light, icelandic black/grey long hair, ivory, rare breed dark and puff balls are greyish blue all washable. The bed supports are made from solid teak, the stalk and base solid English oak. Multiple natural cracks and crevices in the base some filled with clear resin so you can look into the oaks depth adding mystery to the whole piece. Sitting on eight legs and having a natural smaller arm to hang toys off if you so wish Puy De Sauncy is a grandeur piece to be proud of. A absolute show stopping piece of art deco

1720 Valamara

Price: 499.00 GBP
1720 Valamara This is an extremly sturdy piece of solid English oak sitting on a 8 legged plinth. There are two lazing platforms that will accommodate 1-2 cats on each, available in either sheepskin toppers or dounghnut beds. Doughnut beds are black/grey and sheepskins are available in various natural colours such as rare breed dark, ivory, rare breed light, Icelandic long hair, (rare breed dark shown here) please see sheepskin range page for comparisons. All sheepskins and doughnuts are fully washable. The base has a gorgeous bespoke lichtenberg tree of life with beautiful natural cracks throughout and the platforms have a black resin river in each natural radial crack giving it a very chic look. The right arm of this piece has a good size scratching area for kitties to sharpen those talons. The colours are in the medium oak colour range.


Price: 545.00 GBP
2520B A beautiful solid English oak one platform cat tree suitable for up to 2 cats. This piece is top of my range as far as single platform trees go with a gorgeous oblong shaped knot on the base, medium oak and caramel tones and a nautural aged crack in the stalk. I have put a little step helper in the shape of a mushroom as an aid to help less agile kitties get to the top tier normal mobilty cats will not need this. The little mushroom step also has a beautiful knot at the front. The basket is wicker has plenty of room for two kitties. •12mm sisal thickness •Oak Legs •Step helper •Oblong knot on base •Room for two cats •Chunky solid English oak • Wicker basket

2420 Monster Scratch

Price: 275.00 GBP
2420 Monster Scratch A beautiful solid English Oak cat scratching post for very large breed cats and for owners that would like a statement piece to stand out in the home. This ginormous piece stands at mamouth 123.5cm high and has subtle medium caramel tones with darker tones running through, with gorgeous knots and swirls highlighted by placing sisal either side in segments. The base sits on oak legs and sits 7cm high giving slight elevated floor clearence with black resin running in the natural cracks on the top base giving a very elegant look. Please read the oak, apple and oils page to learn more about natural cracking. Monster scratchers are the largest in my range. Monster scratch will suit large breed kitties that have typically destroyed other brands of scratchers quickly or repetitively pulled them over. Monster Scratch are made from solid English Oak and are very heavy this particular piece weighs 22.7kg

1420 Toadstool

Price: 349.00 GBP
1420 Toadstool A beautiful handcrafted teak bed sat on an English oak stalk and base. The base has a gorgeous black revine of resin running through, the base is slightly elevated sitting on seven small legs. The stalk also acts as a scratching area for kitty which makes this a really versatile classy piece. This piece is on the darker side of red chocolate and can be presented with either sheepskin available in a choice of natural shades or a doughnut bed.

1320 Mama Scratch

Price: 195.00 GBP
1320 Grandma Scratch A darker piece of English Oak with lichtenberg wood burning art in the shape of a tree with a black resin slice running through the base which in effect looks like the tree trunk. I absolutely love this cat scratcher its a very unique piece of art. Shades of darker chocolate with light carmel grains showing subtly througout. Sitting on seven legs giving a slightly elevated look this is truly bespoke art at its best.

1120 Carpathian

Price: 1075.00 GBP
1120 Carpathian A Huge statement piece of art decor that is just stunning, showcased in authentic chocolate sheepskin (all washable). I have the bark left on the left limb and encased it in resin giving it a real rustic look and the right limb has the bark off revealing a magnitude of knots, cracks and crevices adding mystery to the whole piece. The stalk of the middle platform has a convenient scratch post area to the rear and the platforms can accommodate 1-2 cats up to 6 in total. This piece is also available in rare breed light, Icelandic grey/black, Ivory and rare breed dark please see sheepskin page. • Various knots on the right arm and natural cracks • Bark encased in resin on left arm • Scratch Post • 3 Lazing Platforms • Raised Base with knot front right and natural crack down centre

0320 Yangtze

Price: 450.00 GBP
0320 Yangtze A solid oak piece standing at just under a metre tall with a left and right twist in the stalk, gorgeous knots and two sisal scratching areas. The base has a beautiful blue river running though and the base and a knot that has also been filled with blue resin giving the effect of a lake. This piece is available in various sheepskin toppers, please take a look at my sheepskin range page for colour choices. Heavy duty 12mm quality sisal has been added to this piece for great long lasting durability this is double what most other manufacturers use to give you an idea. A beautiful handmade bespoke piece that does not take up a lot of room but can accommodate 2 kitties. WORLDWIDE DELIVERY PLEASE ASK

0921 The Tree of Life

Price: 195.00 GBP
0921 The Tree of Life 0921 Tree of Life What a totally amazing little scratcher with a gorgeous aged piece of English oak. I have put factual lichtenberg designs on the base resembling a tree, “Fractal wood burning or lichtenberg is a process of applying an electrically conductive solution on wood and then applying high voltage electricity through a transformer using two probes. When this electricity is applied, it burns in the wood from one probe to the other” making this piece is totally unique. The oak has lots of natural swirls on the stalk deep rich caramel tones throughout all sitting on seven legged English oak slab base. A real one off solid English oak cat scratching art decor piece you won’t ever see another.

0920 Flat Cat

Price: 160.00 GBP
0920 Flat Cat Scratch This piece is absolutely gorgeous sitting on seven little legs made from solid English oak. I have created Lichtenberg patterning around the edge of the oak making it very bespoke. There is a good amount of sisal on this piece to keep kitty happy creatively done in the shape of a cats head, I have used extra sturdy 10MM thickness So very robust. If you look closely there are tiny paws in the ear areas making this piece extra special and would make a superb gift. Flat cat scratchers are ideal for moving around the house when kitty attacks different areas of furnishings they shouldn’t also for cats that enjoy horizontal scratching rather than vertical, it also works well for elderly or reduced mobility cats.

0220 Mama Scratch

Price: 195.00 GBP
A beautiful chunky Mama scratch with amazing colouring throughout lots of detail. Caramel tones dark to light and everything in between. 2 sisal areas Large stalk knot Stalk has a quirky slant making it very unique. Various fractures in base one larger fracture with various knots.

0820 Mama Scratch

Price: 195.00 GBP
0820 Grandpa Scratch This rich looking scratcher has two slices of deep simmering red on the base and the stalk has a red simmer on the top of the stalk that resembles a lightning strike giving it a very bespoke unique look. The stalk also a dark knot which stands out well against the georgian oak colour. Made from solid English oak sitting on 6 wooden legs this piece will look grand in your home.

0620 Fat Scratch

Price: 195.00 GBP
What a stunning piece of English oak this is, with two sisal areas and a gorgeous knot in-between. Great for multiple cats to use also great for cats that have typically destroyed scratching posts in record times. With streaks of beautiful golden tones throughout this is truly a solid piece that will look grand in your home. The base has a knot on the front right of the base and a slice of deep red resin to the rear.

0620 Papa Scratch

Price: 215.00 GBP
Grandpa Scratch I am really pleased how this piece has turned out, the natural oils have really pulled the applewood grains out with an array of colours from light beige to dark chocolate and every golden tone in-between, there are also beautiful knots at the bottom of the stalk and part way up between the sisal areas. There are two scratching areas on this piece, the main scratch area is a nice sisal length of 41cm and I have also put a smaller sisal area at the top of the stalk for kitties to really stretch up for. The oak base has a two gorgeous apple green slices of colour running through it which I thought would be nice as it is a applewood stalk.

094 Contemporary Scratch

Price: 210.00 GBP
Contemporary Scratch New meets old with this modern design of scratcher with an aged piece of applewood makes this piece totally unique. The base has tempered glass which is as much as 6 times stronger than untreated glass and is resistant to modest impacts. Tools need sharp tools to work with it, but applewood makes fine furniture and is similar to cherry wood very dense and extremely robust. Apple trees usually go for firewood after they have finished producing fruits for the orchards so it’s nice to see them going to another use and making someone’s home look beautiful. Applewood has beautiful grain markings and knots with lots of caramel and dark chocolate colours. I have put a good size area of sisal on this piece for kitty to enjoy.

100 Mama Scratch

Price: 195.00 GBP
100 Mama Scratch A gorgeous Piece of English georgian oak with multiple aged cracks on the base and tones of caramel through to dark chocolate. Much larger than the high street scratchers and will suit cats of average domestic breed size.

099 Mekong

Price: 355.00 GBP
099 Mekong Handmade from solid English dark oak and will accommodate 1 large breed or 2 average size cats on the lazing platform this piece oozes bespoke grandeur. The base has a jet black and marble grey resin slice running through giving it a real elegant rich look. Various natural sheepskin shades available just go to the sheepskin page and take a look, all the fleeces are authentic and 100% washable. Heavy duty 12mm natural quality sisal has been added to this piece for great long lasting durability this is double what most other manufacturers use to give you an idea. A beautiful handmade piece that does not take up a lot of room but can accomodate up to 2 cats.

097 Rialto Bridge

Price: 575.00 GBP
097 Rialto Bridge This beautiful piece is a multi cat sleeping tree and can accomodate minimal 4 cats domestic breed size. Handcrafted from solid georgian English oak with caramel tones throughtout with beautiful knots on both the main arm and the smaller arm. The base also has distinctive grains clearly showing the rings of life in which there are many. Lots of sisal on this piece, sisal on both arms and a spiral on the base, with multiple kitties using this tree I wanted to keep them all busy in between snoozing. The basket is made from wicker with a mattress underlay and a authentic sheepskin overlay topper. Both the mattress and sheepskins are fully washable with our complimentary shampoo. Sheepskins are available in various natural shades please see my sheepskin page for photos. A stunning piece of art very robust and will be with kitties for a lifetime.

096 Black River

Price: 595.00 GBP
096 Black River Handmade aged English oak cat trees from Devon with the highest quality guaranteed. This beautiful bespoke piece really is a statement to be proud of. The natural crevices have a deep shimmering black resin running through like dark rivers making this piece exceptionally bespoke. The left lower arm has a good amount of quality sisal designed to withstand the stresses of demanding kitties. With a basket on the top platform lined with authentic sheepskin all washable and a sheepskin on the lower platform minus the basket this will comfortably accommodate 3 cats of domestic breed size. Available in various natural shades (see sheepskin range) this is truly an exceptional piece of art.

2020 Karakoram

Price: 2400.00 GBP
2020 Karakoram This beautiful rare Solid English oak cat tree stands nearly 7ft high. There are 5 lazing platforms of various heights for kitties to choose from with plenty of room on each that will accommodate a minimum of 5 cats. Comes with a choice of natural sheepskin shades or doughnut beds all fully washable "see our sheepskin page for shades" Gorgeous caramels tones from light to dark with various darker swirls and knots throughout. Natural free flowing self supporting pieces like this do not come along that often. This is the only one in existence one of one, a absolute stunning grand master piece. • Medium Oak • 5 Platforms • Free Standing • Interchangable Washable Beds • Self Supporting

1220 Papa Scratch

Price: 215.00 GBP
Grandpa Scratch A delightful oak stalk sat on a oak base with two sisal scratching areas. Light chocolate tones in colour with darker knot in contrast. I have given this piece two scratching areas for kitty, one at the top measuring and one lower down meauring for a massive total 51x38cm of scratch area. There are two a very beautiful unique slices of black resin a a gorgeous knot on the slightly elvated base which gives a plinth like effect to showcase this piece in your home. Grandpa Scratch Suitable for larger breeds such as Maine Coon, Savannah and Norwegian Forest measuring minimal 80cm in height made from solid Brish Oak or Applewood

093 Mama Scratch

Price: 195.00 GBP
Mama Scratch Totally bespoke and made from English solid oak. This particular piece has a two tone look with a beautiful knot front and centre. Beautiful light caramel tones with dark caramel hues throughout.

Sheepskin Platform Toppers

Price: 30.00 GBP
Sheepskin platform toppers available in natural shades ranging from Rare breed light, Rare breed dark, Ivory, Icelandic, other colours also available on request please ask. Our Sheepskin platform toppers come ready with velcro so you can attach directly to your tree with no fuss. All sheepskins are 100% washable with our woolskin wash

Sheepskin Wool Wash

Price: 14.90 GBP
Woolwash is specially formulated for laundering sheepskin products., it gently cleans and conditions without the harmful chemicals found in most household detergents. - Woolwash contains a unique blend of non-ionic surfactants, a dispersant to remove oil based stains and a special blend of conditioning agents to replace the oils normally removed during washing. - It contains a hospital approved antibacterial agent (triclosan) which also minimises odours - One other important ingredient is Australian Tea Tree Oil (Malaleuca Oil) which is effective against dust mite. This wool wash is fantastic at cleaning moccasins and slippers, sheepskin rugs and sheepskin products.