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044 Flat Cat Scratch

Price: 70.00 GBP
044 Flat Cat Scratch A horizontal portable scratcher ideal for smaller spaces, cats with mobilty issue and cats that like to scratch on the floor. A generous area of 10mm mexican agave sisal placed on a oak slab flat at scratchers are also ideal to deter cats from destroying existing furnishings.

038b Kitty Condo

Price: 340.00 GBP
038b Kitty Condo Kitty Condo is a quirky piece of solid oak that will house minimal of 3 cats. I do have a choice of sheepskin colours or if you prefer a doughnut bed or puff ball can replace the sheepskin, all washable. There is a nice length of quality sisal on one arm 10mm thickness.

SOLD ! 072 Sumptuous

Price: 235.00 GBP
SOLD ! 072 Sumptuous This stunning solid oak handmade cat bed stands at 66cm high, 50cm wide, and 40cm depth (measurements without basket) with a large shake at the rear. (See website about shakes) A beautiful piece of art for your lounge or where ever your cat has a comfort zone. No need to be fed up with ugly cat furniture anymore sophisticated scratch is here to make your home look beautiful Every SophistIcated Scratch product is 100% bespoke . Basket measurements 44x36x12cm 100% pure sheepskin comes with shampoo £235 + £25 Shipping Collection available 1 only totally bespoke

SOLD ! Basket of Love

Price: 220.00 GBP
Basket of Love is a beautiful cat bed for up to two cats depending on size please see basket dimensions. Made from solid oak and wicker this gorgeous bespoke piece wont disappoint you or kitties. Spiral sisal on the base area for kitties claws this will help save your other furnishings from being destroyed.

072 Howlan

Price: 650.00 GBP
Ref 072 Howlan A extremely solid Applewood piece on a oak base with 4 platforms for cats to laze on. This piece is for interior or exterior use and can be upgraded to include beds for the platforms if you so wish. Height 91cm Spread 87cm Platform 1 46cm Platform 2 57cm Platform 3 72cm Platform 4 91cm

Ref 071 Grandma Scratch

Price: 145.00 GBP
Ref 071 Grandma Scratch A beautiful piece of British oak standing at 2‘4“ with a beautiful gold flecked window sparkling in the sunlight, looks absolutely stunning. I have put 1ft 3” of sisal on this piece so a really good size Scratch area.

SOLD ! 070 O’leary

Price: 235.00 GBP
SOLD ! 070 O’Leary This stunning solid oak handmade cat bed stands at 66cm high, 50cm wide, and 40cm depth. A beautiful piece of art for your lounge or where ever your cat has a comfort zone. No need to be fed up with ugly cat furniture anymore sophisticated scratch is here to make your home look beautiful Every SophistIcated Scratch product is 100% bespoke . Guaranteed to be with your cat for life, periodic re-sisal may be necessary

SOLD ! Ref 069 Alberton

Price: 1075.00 GBP
SOLD ! A gorgeous bespoke four platform lazing cat tree handmade from Apple & Oak. Authentic sheepkin toppers available in multiple colours Black, cream brown tip, rare breed, Cream, browns, also available in doughnut beds grey/black. Lots of shakes, cracks and intense grains. Alberton would suit a large area mesurements are approximate. This is a stunning unique show piece made from natural products. Sisal added if the customer wishes free of charge. Total height 160cm (5ft 3") Spread 101cm (3ft 4") Depth 74cm (2ft 5") Base 44 x 45 x 12.5cm Total weight 40kg Platform height starting at the bottom 63cm (2ft 1") 98cm (3ft 3") 107cm (3ft 6") 158cm (5ft 2")

SOLD !!! 063 Papa Scratch

Price: 125.00 GBP
SOLD !! Ref 063 Papa Scratch Papa scratch a ideal scratcher for larger breeds such as Maine Coons or Savannah’s. Handmade from British Oak and standing 90cm high, base width 43cm and weighing 14kg. Superb grain colouring on this elegant piece of furniture. £125 +£20 Shipping collection welcomed Tel 07738515069

Ref 066 Cat on a Log

Price: 170.00 GBP
Ref 066 Cat on a Log This stunning piece made from British Oak has 2 sisal scratching areas and a washable bed. A great choice of cat furniture if your cat is elderly or has mobility issues as it requires no jumping or climbing to use. These very lovely Felt Cats are made by Nepalese trained, experienced and skilled women who are from remote areas with poor financial situation. Thus this business gives us an opportunity to empower them and improve their living standard and financial condition. Height including bed 60cm Width 72cm

056 Mama Scratch

Price: 115.00 GBP
056 Mama Scratch The Mama Scratch range are solid oak or apple wood scratchers your cat will love, this particular one is oak. Beautiful grains showing on this piece and a little on the lighter colour. Exceptional quality unlike no other scratcher on the market. You won’t be disappointed. 3 scratching areas 10MM in thickness covering a good size area. Height 72cm Depth 46cm Width 42cm

SOLD ! Ref 036 Palm tree

Price: 195.00 GBP
Palm Tree is a gorgeous 1 cat lazing platform made from solid British oak and finished in Genuine supersoft Icelandic sheepskin. Icelandic sheepkin offers a luxurious soft silky wool pile that in places can be up to 6 inches in length and offer supreme comfort and warmth. I also have other choices of bed to offer just ask for photos Washing Instructions included.

Ref 054 Mama Scratch

Price: 115.00 GBP
Ref 054 Mama Scratch A stunning apple and oak scratcher standing at 74 cm high and 44 cm wide lots of sisal area. The reddish brown tones lovely grains you won’t be disappointed

052 Papa Scratch

Price: 125.00 GBP
Ref 052 Papa A solid oak handmade scratcher standing at 79cm (31”) high and totally bespoke this is a stunning piece of art. Two Scratch areas horizontal paw print and vertical 10MM sisal. If your searching for the most robust scratcher with stunning looks you have found it.

SOLD ! Ref 051 Bugaboo

Price: 1225.00 GBP
Ref 051 Bugaboo SOLD ! This huge handmade piece of solid oak would look grand in anyone’s home beautiful grains and two scratch areas both horizontal and vertical. Bugaboo has five lazing platforms the lowest standing at 2’2” and the highest standing at 5’5” with three others in between. Available in Otter Brown or Cream with brown tips Sheepskin or Black/grey doughnut beds Bugaboo stands alone there are no need for brackets or achorage for this piece. If you have any questions or would like more photos please email me

Ref 038 Bunk Beds

Price: 315.00 GBP
Ref 038 Bunk Beds A 2-4 cat lazing tree with a choice of beds including authentic sheepskin in various colours also available puff balls which are super soft beds in a smokey grey or doughnuts in grey/black or brown/cream. Bunk beds Is a beautiful piece of solid British oak with one bed slightly elevated above the other and a really good size sisal scratching area on one limb.

Wool Wash

Price: 12.00 GBP
Woolwash is specially formulated for laundering sheepskin products., it gently cleans and conditions without the harmful chemicals found in most household detergents. - Woolwash contains a unique blend of non-ionic surfactants, a dispersant to remove oil based stains and a special blend of conditioning agents to replace the oils normally removed during washing. - It contains a hospital approved antibacterial agent (triclosan) which also minimises odours - One other important ingredient is Australian Tea Tree Oil (Malaleuca Oil) which is effective against dust mite. This wool wash is fantastic at cleaning moccasins and slippers, sheepskin rugs and sheepskin products.