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082D A Multi cat tree with scratcher from Sophisticated Scratch which will accomodate up to 6 cats depending on breed and size. This beautiful handmade bespoke piece of art is crafted from solid British Oak and is one of strongest cat trees available. Balance has been carefully engineered into this piece as all Sophisticated Scratch trees so it will not tip when multiple cats go to the same platform. As an artist and a cat lover I create pieces of art for people and felines to enjoy using British Oak by keeping it as natural as possible just as nature intended. All my pieces are continous peices of oak as I do not bolt limbs on. Cat furniture dose not have to be repetitive and ugly with ongoing replacement it can be beautiful statement pieces of art that will stand out for the right reasons and last a lifetime. This particular piece has a step leading up to 3 amazing lazing platforms with a gorgeous wicker basket on the top platform all covered in authentic sheepskins all 100% washable with our specially formulated shampoo. Sophisticated Scratch only use naturally coloured 100% sheepskin, colour choices listed below, we do not use dyed sheepskins or faux or any other manmade fibre. You may also purchase additional sheepskins from us if you fancy a colour change later on down the road. Sophisticated Scratch trees come with a 2 year guarantee but used indoors in the right way will last for generations just like a oak sideboard or table would. If you buy Sophisticated Scratch you eradicate the need to continuosly buy replacement cat furniture. WORLDWIDE SHIPPING AVAILABLE PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE PURCHASE Delivery: 5 - 10 business days

Delivery: 5 - 10 business days
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Appox Measurements Overall Height 139cm Spread 103cm Depth 89cm Sisal 46x30cm Step height 66cm Platform 1 99cm Platform 2 121cm Platform 3 138cm Open Basket 52x54x30cm