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850.00 GBP

072d A extremely solid Applewood piece on a oak base with 4 gorgeous platforms for cats to laze on. Lots of knots and curves that are very pleasing to the eye. This lovely artistic piece has room for minimal 4 cats and comes with a choice of sheepskins in various natural shades. Rare breed light Chocolate Ivory Rare breed dark All sheepskins are 100% washable and interchangable if you fancy a different shade later on. The base is a solid British oak slab with a deep flash of deep crimson red running through it in the shape of a lightning bolt with beautiful caramel tones. This piece is suitable for 4-6 cats depending on size. This is a very sturdy stable piece and will last for years and years

Delivery: 5 - 10 business days
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Approx Measurments Height 91cm Spread 87cm Platform 1 height 46cm Platform 2 height 57cm Platform 3 height 72cm Platform 4 height 91cm