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English Oak Bespoke Cat Trees and Scratchers est 2017

1220 Papa Scratch

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Papa Scratch A delightful oak stalk sat on a oak base with two sisal scratching areas. Light chocolate tones in colour with darker knot in contrast. I have given this piece two scratching areas for kitty, one at the top measuring and one lower down meauring for a massive total 51x38cm of scratch area. There are two a very beautiful unique slices of black resin a a gorgeous knot on the slightly elvated base which gives a plinth like effect to showcase this piece in your home. Papa Scratch Suitable for larger breeds such as Maine Coon, Savannah and Norwegian Forest measuring minimal 80cm in height made from solid Brish Oak or Applewood

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Height 83cm Depth 46cm Width 46cm Sisal Area 51x38cm