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093 Baby Scratch

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Baby Scratch For those of you that are not familiar Baby Scratch is my entry scratcher range each one totally bespoke and made from English solid oak and suitable for kitties first scratcher. We all know cats love to scratch - but does your new kitten need a scratching post right away? The answer is yes! It's a natural instinct for cats of any age to scratch and it's a kitty behaviour which has lots of benefits; it's a great way for cats to exercise, keep their nails sharp and stretch their muscles. Baby Scratch are a minimal of 50cm tall. This particular piece is solid British oak has a two tone look with a beautiful knot front and centre. Beautiful light caramel tones with dark caramel hues throughout.

Delivery: 5 - 10 business days
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Approximate Measurments Height 62cm Depth 36cm Width 35cm Sisal length 23cm Base 36 x 35 x 9cm