091 Weasley C

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A beautiful quirky piece for a THREE TO FOUR kitties to have some quality snoozes on complete with scratcher. I have put a beautiful sheepskin lined wicker cave basket on Wesley which now enables this piece to accommodate 3-4 kitties , sheepskins are 100% washable. Sheepskins come in various natural shades if you fancy changing the look and colour later down the line, I always have them in stock. Weasley is handcrafted from solid British oak and has an array of caramel tones thoughout the whole piece. The base and platform is of a darker colour oak as is the base of the stalk but as it nears the top it has wonderful creamy tones, this natural colouring is caused by one side of the branch being in the sun and the other side in the shade as it grew on the tree. Weasley is ideal if you are short on room as it does not take up as much space as some of my other pieces. One arm has a good length of quality sisal for kitties to sharpen up those talons on so no need to buy a seperate scratcher as this piece really does it all. Weasley is also available with doughnut, open basket or a sheepskin please take a look and see how this piece can look very different with Weasley A,B options. Sophisticated Scratch products are designed to last a lifetime for kitty periodic re-sisal may be necessary. Remember If you buy right you buy once so buy Sophisticated Scratch !

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Approximate Measurments Height 110cm Depth 63cm Width 67cm Sisal length 34cm Base 44 x 43 x 9cm Cave basket 40 x 40 x 42cm Please sheepskin range for all natural colours