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094 Contemporary Scratch

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Contemporary Scratch New meets old with this modern design of scratcher with an aged piece of applewood makes this piece totally unique. The base has tempered glass which is as much as 6 times stronger than untreated glass and is resistant to modest impacts. Tools need sharp tools to work with it, but applewood makes fine furniture and is similar to cherry wood very dense and extremely robust. Apple trees usually go for firewood after they have finished producing fruits for the orchards so it’s nice to see them going to another use and making someone’s home look beautiful. Applewood has beautiful grain markings and knots with lots of caramel and dark chocolate colours. I have put a good size area of sisal on this piece for kitty to enjoy.

Delivery: 5 - 10 business days
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Measurements Height 65 cm Tempered glass base 47x47 cm Sisal 21x45 cm