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725.00 GBP

092b Handmade aged English oak cat trees from Devon with the highest quality guaranteed. This beautiful bespoke piece really is a statement to be proud of. The natural crevices have a deep shimmering black resin running through like dark rivers making this piece exceptionally bespoke. The left lower arm has a good amount of quality sisal designed to withstand the stresses of demanding kitties. With a cave basket on the top platform lined with authentic sheepskin all washable and a sheepskin on the lower platform minus the basket this will comfortably accommodate 4- 6 cats of domestic breed size. Available in various natural shades (see sheepskin range) this is truly an exceptional piece of art.

Delivery: 5 - 10 business days
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Additional info Additional info Height without basket 120cm Width 80cm Depth 50cm Sisal 36x29cm Base 50x47x15cm