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099 The Kitty Horizontal Scratch

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099 The Kitty Trike A lovely quirky piece handcrafted from solid English dark oak and will accommodate 2 cats on the lazing platform of average domestic breed size. The radial crack on this piece has been filled with resin in black and grey giving it a real stylish feel, lots of ageing cracks throughout the base. If you are unfamiliar with Oak products please read my Oak and Apple page before purchase. For the photographs I have finished this piece off with rare breed light sheepskin as I really like the contrast between the dark oak and the creamy colours of the fleece. I have lots of choices of colours just go to the sheepskin page and take a look, all the fleeces are natural colours, authentic and washable.

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Approximate measurements Base 46x45x7cm Lazing platform 45×45cm Height Length 121 cm Depth 44 cm Sisal 65 cm long Little platform 28 cm x 18 cm FREE SHIPPING