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English Oak Bespoke Cat Trees and Scratchers est 2017

0320 Yangtze

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450.00 GBP

0320 Yangtze A solid oak piece standing at just under a metre tall with a left and right twist in the stalk, gorgeous knots and two sisal scratching areas. The base has a beautiful blue river running though and the base and a knot that has also been filled with blue resin giving the effect of a lake. This piece is available in various sheepskin toppers, please take a look at my sheepskin range page for colour choices. Heavy duty 12mm quality sisal has been added to this piece for great long lasting durability this is double what most other manufacturers use to give you an idea. A beautiful handmade bespoke piece that does not take up a lot of room but can accommodate 2 kitties. WORLDWIDE DELIVERY PLEASE ASK

Delivery: 5 - 10 business days
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Height 94cm Spread 55cm Depth 46cm Sisal on stalk 32x23cm Sisal spiral 26x24cm Platform 54x50cm FREE SHIPPING