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English Oak Bespoke Cat Trees and Scratchers est 2017

0620 Papa Scratch

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Grandpa Scratch I am really pleased how this piece has turned out, the natural oils have really pulled the applewood grains out with an array of colours from light beige to dark chocolate and every golden tone in-between, there are also beautiful knots at the bottom of the stalk and part way up between the sisal areas. There are two scratching areas on this piece, the main scratch area is a nice sisal length of 41cm and I have also put a smaller sisal area at the top of the stalk for kitties to really stretch up for. The oak base has a two gorgeous apple green slices of colour running through it which I thought would be nice as it is a applewood stalk.

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Height 84cm Width 53.5cm Depth 46.5cm Weight 10.7kg Grandpa Scratch Suitable for all especially larger breeds such as Maine Coon, Savannah and Norwegian Forest measuring minimal 80cm in height made from solid English Oak or Applewood. Papa 's have a larger circumfrence than Mama's and are taller.