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English Oak Bespoke Cat Trees and Scratchers est 2017

0820 Mama Scratch

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0820 Grandpa Scratch This rich looking scratcher has two slices of deep simmering red on the base and the stalk has a red simmer on the top of the stalk that resembles a lightning strike giving it a very bespoke unique look. The stalk also a dark knot which stands out well against the georgian oak colour. Made from solid English oak sitting on 6 wooden legs this piece will look grand in your home.

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Approx Mesurements Height 83.5cm Base Width 45cm Base Depth 48cm Sisal 50cm x 37cm Suitable for all especially larger breeds such as Maine Coon, Savannah and Norwegian Forest measuring minimal 80cm in height made from solid English Oak or Applewood. Papa 's have a larger circumfrence than Mama's and are taller. Grandpa Scratchers have slices of colour running through the natural shakes and cracks of the base giving a very rich and stylish look, various colours available. I love these its a mix of good old fashioned rustic with contemporary.