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1120 Carpathian

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1075.00 GBP

1120 Carpathian A Huge statement piece of art decor that is just stunning, showcased in authentic chocolate sheepskin (all washable). I have the bark left on the left limb and encased it in resin giving it a real rustic look and the right limb has the bark off revealing a magnitude of knots, cracks and crevices adding mystery to the whole piece. The stalk of the middle platform has a convenient scratch post area to the rear and the platforms can accommodate 1-2 cats up to 6 in total. This piece is also available in rare breed light, Icelandic grey/black, Ivory and rare breed dark please see sheepskin page. • Various knots on the right arm and natural cracks • Bark encased in resin on left arm • Scratch Post • 3 Lazing Platforms • Raised Base with knot front right and natural crack down centre

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Height 107cm Middle Platform 93cm Lower Platform 73cm Width 102cm Depth 86cm Sisal 38x37cm Base 51x41x14cm Lower Limb circumference 38cm Upper Limb circumference 42cm FREE UK SHIPPING WORLDWIDE SHIPPING AVAILABLE PLEASE ASK FOR A QUOTE